Bjork’s Greatest Hits: An Album Review

Chill Music

Chill-out music has its own perks but the overall musicality (not technicality) is well-praised among music enthusiasts. It is usually a diversity of different musical sub genres, much like an ecosystem. Though mostly neglected by mainstream exposure, a few has reached the top of the charts with their unique sound. One of these artists to ever surface with a chill-out sound would be the one and only Bjork.

With a career spanning twenty seven years, it’s no doubt that Bjork has known the music scene more than anyone. From her band The Sugarcubes in 1987 to being the Bjork we know since 1993, her career has brought chill-out music to the mainstream charts. This gave way for budding chill-out musicians the chance to be heard in front of a very wide audience.

With a very long career should come a compilation of all the greatest songs ever made. That’s why the Icelander singer gives you the Greatest Hits album. With listening to this album, you get to have a glimpse of the glory days of her career through her top singles.

Every song in the album corresponds to the most popular track in the days of its album’s release. This is like you’re being given all the great stuff into one giant package. That would be a nirvana to every Bjork fan.

The order of the songs is according to the decisions of the audience who voted for the number one track on the album. The songs in the record are often in radio edits, which is usually shorter than the conventional song. Nevertheless, it still gives you one hell of a Bjork experience. It still has her signature vocals and sounds which can outshine your other favorite musicians.

There has been a catch though. It has been a long issue with the order of the songs placed. One such example of this situation would be that “Hyperballad” was voted as number one on the overall survey. Yet, on the release, it shows that it appeared as a second track, replaced by All is Full of Love. This has caused confusion among Bjork fans but the thing is, they can’t do anything about it anymore.

It doesn’t matter anyway. It still has that amazing sound no other musician could replicate. Bjork’s ability to create eclectic sounds is far beyond human appreciation. Her greatest hits are proof that being a successful musician, especially from an independent-dominant genre, never happens overnight. She has worked her way towards this point in her life so it’s max respect for this girl.

In case you’re wondering, the Greatest Hits album does not only offer eleven of her classic tracks. It also has two editions namely the Japanese version and the iTunes version. The former contains two bonus tracks while the latter only contains one.

Go and relive your younger years with this great piece of audible history. You need to time it perfectly though. There’s a probability that it’ll offer limited stocks only. Hopefully not!