The Chill-out Sessions

Chill Music

In the world we live in, music is essential to one’s daily life may it be for one’s hobby, culture and recreation. On this topic, we will look deep on one of the most well recognized music genre on the face of the planet, the Chill-out music.

Chill-out music (chillout, chill out, or simply just chill) is a genre type that is defined by their soothing rhythms and mid-tempo beats — “chill” taken from the street language which means to “relax”. This genre manifested in the early and mid-90s in chill rooms at night clubs where mellow music is played to allow party goers the time to unwind from the more energetic and fast paced tunes that are usually played by the disc jockey.

Affiliated genres with chillout are mainly, trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient, ambient house and similar sub-genres of downtempo. The easy listening lounge music is also considered to fall under the chillout section too.  Smooth electronica and soft techno is loosely a genre of music style that is distinctive to electronica and low fidelity music. It could also be manipulated by more ethnic sensations such as Indian, Middle Eastern or Spanish influences. One related sub-genre is the Flamenco Chill from one of Chambao’s early works.

The Variations and Affiliations

Chill-out Music. It is often that listeners get confused with the differences between chill-out music and lounge music because of its rhythmic similarities and relaxing elements. However, chill out music is made for lazy and calm moments. It is also influenced basically by early electro acoustic, jazz, ambient and vocal soloists. Chillout songs are warm and slow, emotional beats that many people associate with sunshine, sunsets and beach bars.

Top Chillout Music

  • Deadmau5 – I Remember
  • Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From
  • Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line
  • Kid Cudi – Cleveland Is The Reason

Lounge Music. Unlike chill music, lounge music is more of an ambient background music that is being played in chillout lounges, wellness spas, relaxation areas of bars and clubs. Lounge music is influenced mainly by jazz music and downtempo music. Lounge music is mostly affiliated with the atmosphere of calmness and relaxation.

Best Lounge Music Examples

  • ATB – Circular Symmetry
  • Sunlounger – A Balearic Dinner
  • Blank & Jones – Loneliness
  • Blank & Jones – Summer Breeze

Ambient Music. A music form that puts weight on tone and atmosphere more than the traditional structure of music or rhythm. Ambient music is also known to inspire an atmospheric visual or unobtrusive feel.
Trip Hop Music. A genre of electronica that originated from the early nineteen nineties in the United Kingdom.

Nu Jazz. Relates to music that has fusion with jazz elements with other musical styles, such as funk, soul, electronic dance music and random improvisation.

Ambient House. Amusic genre that came to prominence in the late nineteen eighties under the sub-genre of house music, elements of acid house and ambient music blended together. Tracks from the ambient house genre generally features four-on-the-floor beat patterns, synth pads and vocal samples integrated in a style classed as “atmospheric”.

The Roots and the Crop

From the famous Madchester nightclub, Konspiracy is where it all began. In these cubicles, club goers would have time to chill in sofas, comfortable pillows with groovy light displays overhead that displays entrancing and psychedelic figures and tunes that is definitely downtempo, obviously and totally different to what was happening a few steps away from the dance floor.

The Crawling Roots

  • The Durutti Column. They are the abstract influence on the genre during the 1980s.
  • Quick Step and Side Kick by the Thompson Twins. They were very influential in the genres emergence.
  • Higher Intelligence Agency (the HIA). They promoted the chill room ideas from sideshow to main event along with their party events titled Oscilliate in Birmingham and other cities from the early nineties to mid-nineties.

The Famous Crops

  • Ministry of Sound. One of the successful series in this genre is the first volume of its first album from the Ministry of Sound called Sessions. The series was successful enough for it to generate a spin-off series of The Chillout Session, which began in 2001 with a UK Compilation Chart #1 album. Volume 2 was also very successful.

The first and second volumes were released in both the UK and Australia, but the series divided in August 2001, with one series for the UK and the other for Australia. The Chillout Sessions are assembled from songs of the chillout genre. Songs on Chillout Sessions’ compilations vary in genre from lounge to electronica and are released by many different artists.

  • Bonobo. Uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy new elements such as generally developed linearly often complex bass lines or percussion coming in one after the other.
  • Blank & Jones – their long-standing production colleague Andy Kaufhold collated their finest material on one release, The Singles, which also included two new tracks that was also released in Limited Edition format.

The chart success of Blank & Jones is partially based on their club-gigs, radio shows and other live-performances including events such as Love-Parade, Street Parade and Mayday.  They are also further boosted by their activeness as moderators on Eins Live-TV and by being the Co-host on Viva-Club rotation.

  • Enigma (musical project) – a German new age musical project formed in 1990 by Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. Before Enigma, Michael Cretu released a number of albums under his own name, but none of them sold particularly well.

Era and Gregorian (led by former Enigma member Frank Peterson) are among some notable groups which capitalized songs which heavily incorporate Gregorian chants in their works. Enigma and Deep Forest are also to be considered by many to have brought the tribal chant genre to the ears of the public. They were given the award for Most Popular German Solo Artist last 2002 from the World Music Award. Some of Enigma’s music was used in movies and TV series including American Idol’s Audition.

Strobelite Seduction: An Album Review

Chill Music

Kaskade has made it so far since his introduction to the music scene since 2003 with his first release, “It’s You, It’s Me”. With his innovative sound that only he can perfect his reception has went far beyond the strongest communication devices on the planet.

With the release of his 2008 album, Strobelite Seduction, Kaskade has took away the music world by storm again. The album’s sound has drastically improved through the years in his career. It is a perfect cocktail for the laid back listener. From the first to the last track, you get feel the seduction of a strobe light hence the title of the album.

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Saudade: An Album Review

Chill Music

Having a great piece of chill-out music seems like finding a hidden treasure in an island. Not everybody can have easy access to these types of music for the artists who make them are not that known. It may be out from mainstream ears but it has developed an underground following.

Chill-out music does not focus on one type of genre, but it is an umbrella term for a lot of laid back genres such as Bossa Nova, downtempo, electronica, ambient, etc. Unlike those in the mainstream music charts, chill-out artists are often independently signed. Some are even unsigned and purely underground with no slight exposure, just a following of loyal fans and friends.

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Metaphorical Music: An Album Review

Chill Music

Chill-out music as they say, is a melting pot of different relaxing musical styles mixed together to form even more unique music. This is proven true due to the different musicians that have acted beyond the norm and have expanded their boundaries. One such musician is Nujabes.

He has innovated a different hybrid of chill-out music incorporated with Japanese music elements. His sound is a mix of atmospheric, nostalgic and melodic. This is rarely done by most Japanese musicians. With his unique sound, he has attracted the attention of fans, both locally and internationally.

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Bjork’s Greatest Hits: An Album Review

Chill Music

Chill-out music has its own perks but the overall musicality (not technicality) is well-praised among music enthusiasts. It is usually a diversity of different musical sub genres, much like an ecosystem. Though mostly neglected by mainstream exposure, a few has reached the top of the charts with their unique sound. One of these artists to ever surface with a chill-out sound would be the one and only Bjork.

With a career spanning twenty seven years, it’s no doubt that Bjork has known the music scene more than anyone. From her band The Sugarcubes in 1987 to being the Bjork we know since 1993, her career has brought chill-out music to the mainstream charts. This gave way for budding chill-out musicians the chance to be heard in front of a very wide audience.

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