Metaphorical Music: An Album Review

Chill Music

Chill-out music as they say, is a melting pot of different relaxing musical styles mixed together to form even more unique music. This is proven true due to the different musicians that have acted beyond the norm and have expanded their boundaries. One such musician is Nujabes.

He has innovated a different hybrid of chill-out music incorporated with Japanese music elements. His sound is a mix of atmospheric, nostalgic and melodic. This is rarely done by most Japanese musicians. With his unique sound, he has attracted the attention of fans, both locally and internationally.

Metaphorical Music, Nujabes’ first release, is the perfect exhibition of different musical styles incorporated into a single album. Released in 2003, it has set a benchmark a newer chill-out sound to newer listeners. With samples from classic songs along with the unique beats and atmosphere by Nujabes, this is also a clear example of how music can transcend cultural differences.

Upon listening to the first track, “Blessing It (Remix)”, it feels like you’ve been taken to a place way before you were born. At the same time, you won’t feel so out of place due to the modern additive it’s given. The same goes for the other tracks.

Not only that, in the album, he has worked with different artists. Rappers such as Substantial, Shing02, Cise Starr and Five Deez give the record a hip hop feel. If you still don’t believe, try listening to the first track again and also track number three, five, eight, eleven and twelve. Now tell everybody that you don’t believe his diversity.

Samples of classic songs from artists such as Pharoah Sanders, Miles Davis, Luiz Bonfa, Francis Lai and many more fill the overall void of the record. Their unique sound has been detrimental to Nujabes debut success as well. So give your respect to those guys as well. Anyways, Nujabes should be the one we’re talking about here, not them.

If you’re an instrumental music lover and hip hop at the same time, then this album is the best recommended for your ears. Some of the album’s instrumental tracks have an addition of hip hop beats so you can still chill while bouncing your head at the same time.

Sometimes the first impression lies somewhere within the cover of the album. Upon seeing a perfectly good cover, you get to have an inference that it’s got some good sounds. Metaphoric Music’s album cover really does serve its true purpose. With the distinct curves and color combinations made, it’s going to be easy for you to find out what type of music Nujabes is playing.

The chill-out music scene may be dwindling and increasing at the same time, but there are musicians out there who are willing enough to step up to the plate. Nujabes is one of them. This album is a golden treasure, a phenomenon in the hip-hop world, a new generation of Japanese music to hit your stores.