Saudade: An Album Review

Chill Music

Having a great piece of chill-out music seems like finding a hidden treasure in an island. Not everybody can have easy access to these types of music for the artists who make them are not that known. It may be out from mainstream ears but it has developed an underground following.

Chill-out music does not focus on one type of genre, but it is an umbrella term for a lot of laid back genres such as Bossa Nova, downtempo, electronica, ambient, etc. Unlike those in the mainstream music charts, chill-out artists are often independently signed. Some are even unsigned and purely underground with no slight exposure, just a following of loyal fans and friends.

Fortunately for some artists they have reach mainstream exposure thanks to their unique sound. As you can see, being an artist with such a unique sound can easily get the listener’s attention. One of those artists is the Thievery Corporation.

The electronic duo has released its ninth record, Saudade. The album’s rarely different sound sets it apart from their other records. In fact it has sparked the interest of other music fans. They have incorporated Bossa Nova, another great music genre, for a long time.

They have veered from their political tones (as heard in the last two albums prior to this) onto a new musical diversity. Their signature sound mixed with the groovy and soothing sound of Bossa Nova, makes you want to listen a hybrid of city and beach life.

Not only that, all of their songs is made in this distinct way. Would a song be a song without any vocalist or singer? Yes it could be, but how about for this album? Definitely it should have one.

With collaborations from foreign artists such as Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Karina Zeviani, Elin Melgarejo, Shana Halligan and Natalia Clavier, Sausade had brought the stage down again with their musical skills and talents. From the first track to the last one, there is no shortage of a skipped beat. The whole album was made to unleash a whole lot of fun.

Adding their initial Bossa Nova sound to the record is one of the most innovative known in the music industry. If you’re a type of person who’s into fusion genres, then this is one big find for you. Consider this as a new recipe for musical relaxation. Just imagine going to the beach and listening to this piece of great sound. Wouldn’t it feel nice to feel the sudden cool breeze flowing through your skin?

If you like listening to songs with foreign languages, then this is indeed for you. Its singers are from different countries such as Spain and France. This is also concrete proof of the diversity the chill-out music scene, the culture and the artists. This is also an opener to the people about newer types of sounds. Sounds that is foreign to the ears.

If you want the latest album by Thievery Corporation, Saudade, better purchase it online. Make sure you get from legitimate sources. Feel the good vibes flow in your body.