Strobelite Seduction: An Album Review

Chill Music

Kaskade has made it so far since his introduction to the music scene since 2003 with his first release, “It’s You, It’s Me”. With his innovative sound that only he can perfect his reception has went far beyond the strongest communication devices on the planet.

With the release of his 2008 album, Strobelite Seduction, Kaskade has took away the music world by storm again. The album’s sound has drastically improved through the years in his career. It is a perfect cocktail for the laid back listener. From the first to the last track, you get feel the seduction of a strobe light hence the title of the album.

Upon tuning in to the first track “Move For Me”, the song starts off with a buildup then followed by the chorus, courtesy of Haley Gibby. From there, the song takes you to a trance far more than what you can even venture into. However, on the second track “Angel on My Shoulder”, the mood has somehow been set to a higher level as compared to the previous track.

Even some of the songs have that “beach” feel like “I Remember” and “One Heart”, proving that Kaskade’s strobe lights could be at any place and at any time he wishes to. He has perfected the art of making beach house music, so this is an enhanced version of his signature.

In an album, there should be a balance of fast tracks and slow tracks. Unlike extreme metal that has increased tempos in all their songs, chill-out music contains just the right mix. This album is a perfect example. Even though you love the more upbeat tones, you get the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the whole musical journey.

Not only the songs are well-made, but also they’re relevant to their respective vocal parts. Listening to the song, “Your Love is Black”, it clearly speaks about looking for someone who’s already there. Sounds deep isn’t it? Hopefully, not so deep.

To those who are not satisfied with the regular track listing, there’s more. There are bonus tracks for both the North American and Japanese editions. Listening to the remixed version of “4AM” which is a track from Kaskade’s other record, Love Mysterious. It resembles a car being upgraded or a man being bulked up due to weight lifting. It sounds a bit heavier and more bouncy compared to its original version.

The album cover also features Kaskade amidst a background of vectorized and illuminated elements. This gives a more soothing and sleek look to the album. Somehow it resembles like little strobe lights flashing back and forth. Another thing about it would be the color combination. Shades of blue, pink and purple, along with white of course have placed the final piece of the record’s puzzle.

If you’re out on the road, or just chilling by your private room, playing a good Kaskade tune from the Strobelite Seduction can take you to no person has been before.